How to Spot a Potential Fake Facebook Scam Account Sending You Friend Requests 9/22/17 - A Whittle Bit of Commentary

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It’s a problem that we all probably face on Facebook and that is all of these fake accounts that add you and wanna be your friend. Because I’m a dude, mine are always women, and I am frankly tired of the scammers trying to pretend they’re an attractive woman in hopes I’ll befriend them so they can try to talk to me and have me turn over my personal data or even money to what I believe to be a single 20something year old that “lives in my area.”

So today, I wanna share from my experience how to spot a potentially fake scam account on Facebook.

One: You receive a friend request from an attractive woman that is someone that you might would have a chance with, or she’s wearing very little and you probably wouldn’t have a chance with her if she really existed.

Two: The user account got created the day you receive the request and this is easy to determine because the profile picture and other photos were all added the day the request was sent.

Three: All the comments and photo likes are from men, and if look at their page, most of them are in foreign countries or their account looks very similar in tone to the one that added you.

Four: She has no friends, or very few friends and they’re all dudes. Idiot guys that believe she’s real.

Five: This amazing “woman” just happens to live close to your city or a town you’ve lived in. If she’s really from your hometown, the odds are that you should have at least one friend in common if she really existed.

Six: She only has a couple of profile pictures, all uploaded that day. You know this is fake because girls have thousands of photos of themselves, so this should be a red flag.

Seven: She’s single of course! And ready to mingle with dumb dudes that are dumb enough to accept her request in hopes of finding true love, when all they’re gonna find is that they’re actually talking to a 55 year old dude in a foreign country. Gross.

Eight: If you wait a few days and not respond to the request, the account will be deleted because Facebook took it down probably.

Now I have no hard evidence or proof these accounts are fake, but from the evidence I just presented you have to admit that I make a pretty good case that these are probably fake accounts and isn’t it just smart to be safe than sorry?  

I’m Chad Whittle on A Whittle Bit of Commentary.

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Posted on September 21, 2017 .